Mā te wā ka kite te pai o te hua.

Given time you will see the quality of the fruit.

We continue to see the success of our graduates in the Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne communities. It is becoming a more common treat that our current Candidate Teachers get to spend time in the classrooms of teachers who graduated from our programme, as part of their school-based learning experiences. Our first graduates are even becoming Associate Teachers!

Our current Candidate Teachers report that they love to spend time in the classes of our graduates during their school-based learning experiences. This is a new source of support for our CTs alongside their Mentor Teachers and colleagues in their partnership schools. The inspiration they gain from these colleagues who recently graduated from our programme cannot be underestimated.

Part of growing quality fruit is providing the right conditions for growth.

As part of the wider BTP programme we collaborate with external educational agencies, educators and other valued guests. Conrad Waitoa from Inspire In Education visited the BTP on our recent Whānau morning and inspired our Candidate Teachers with the aspiration of teaching to promote Māori student success.


Source: HB Today

Inspire In Education is a new initiative committed to promoting Māori student success in Hawke’s Bay (http://www.inspireineducation.co.nz/) .

Founder Conrad Waitoa describes the aims of the charitable trust:

“The Key Outcomes we are seeking from the Inspire in Education program is assisting with communities of learning and facilitating teacher capability in Maori language, culture & identity by providing effective research & policy advice so that schools can access the most up to date information on what works for Maori students which will promote healthy relationships with your students, parents, whanau, hapu, iwi, communities, businesses and schools.” (Conrad Waitoa, CEO Inspire In Education Trust)

One of Conrad’s key messages was that supporting Māori student success includes responding to Māori students as Māori. He suggested teachers:

  • Show genuine interest in connecting with a student’s whānau and family protocols, including how their name is pronounced
  • Integrate tikanga into their classroom by e.g. starting the week with a whakatauki and waiata
  • Mentor students in ways that take account of Māori knowledge and pedagogies
  • Take every opportunity to enhance a student’s mana and identity.

Growing Quality Fruit through Diversity

In 2018 growing quality fruit has involved welcoming new teacher educators to the BTP team. We have been thrilled to welcome Fiona Howard to the team in Gisborne. Fiona comes to us from Gisborne Central School, one of our long-standing partnership schools. Fiona is contributing her expertise in literacy and her passion for inquiry learning to our programme as well as teaching on the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation Level 3 and Level 4 that many EIT students complete as their initial move into tertiary study. This qualification has provided a pathway to teaching for a number of our BTP graduates also.

Fruitful Harvest – 2018 Graduation

We were absolutely delighted to celebrate our first BTP graduation in Gisborne in May.

U69-605 EIT Tairawhiti

This graduation represented the first graduating cohort of our Tairāwhiti programme after three years of the BTP programme in Gisborne. We would like to thank our Gisborne partnership schools for their combined commitment to our programme.

We also celebrated graduation in Napier with our 17 Candidate Teachers in March at the Education & Social Sciences Ceremony. It was a stunning Hawke’s Bay day and the graduates and Faculty looked equally stunning in their garb! We were inspired by Judge Becroft, the Children’s Commissioner, to strive for social justice in our work, especially in our work with children and whānau. It is a wonderful privilege to share in the celebration of our graduates’ success along with their friends and family, as well as Mentor Teachers and Principals from our partnership schools.

Fruitful Futures

We welcome Evo to our team! As the Digital Technologies Curriculum rolls out, the BTP looked for a small addition to our team so that we could develop our Candidate Teachers’ computational thinking across the NZC. We have purchased pods of Ozobot Evos to integrate across the three years of our degree.


Extending the fruitful futures theme – we are currently considering the new requirements for Initial Teacher Education programmes that EDUCANZ have released. We are pleased to note that many of the shifts the Council is promoting are already integral to our programme:

  • Developing authentic partnerships with schools
  • Supporting Candidate Teachers to make defensible decisions
  • Candidate Teachers engaging in collaborative and reflective practice
  • Positioning new graduates to be ready to teach effectively immediately

Our Candidate Teachers are advantaged by the depth of experience they gain through regular school-based learning experiences in your schools. The reflective conversation, the cumulative learning about inhabiting the teaching role, deepened understanding of curriculum and pedagogy through the coaching and mentoring of their experienced Mentor Teachers are all experiences that set our graduates up to demonstrate the shifts the Council identifies are essential to meet the complexity involved in our rapidly changing context of work as teachers.

Producing quality fruit in the form of great beginning teachers ready to teach takes the combined commitments of us all. Thank you for the role you play in this process.

He waka eke noa!

A canoe we are all in without exception!

Dr Emily Nelson

BTP Programme Coordinator

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